IT Support & Security

Security Facts...

2009 Had over 50,000,00 Malware threats

2018 had over 750,000,000 Malware threats

Study in 2018 found 99% of all computer a Security Vulnerabilities.

Most Virus/Ransomware is preventable  

Are you thinking about IT Security?

The most common data breaches are from small office computers due to a few basic oversights.

1. Internet Filtering (blocking known malicious websites)

2. Rapid Patching of computer system updates.(Patching Windows and Apple)

3. Updating old common software. (Ie Adobe reader, MS Office & Chrome )

4. Review security techniques on a regular basis

IT Services

Trend Micro Antivirus / Security


ATZ became a Trend Micro partner to provide our customers the lowest price possible for Antivirus and Internet security..

Alerted when a clients has a Security issue.

 (Virus / Ransomware)

Block know harmful web site use by hackers. (malicious websites)

Customers add Internet filters 

( ie. Blocking Facebook or adult site)

Synchronized license renewal 

(forget different renewal dates ) 

General Support


We understand that good IT support can be hard to find. This is why we offer basic support to our customers in order to keep the office up and running.  This includes technical consulting as we have experience in many subjects outside IT services. Such as Office Phones, Security and TV systems. 

Security Assessment


Security Audit Reviews 

Basic Network Vulnerability Assessment - Client Security Assessment - Physical Building Assessment - General  HIPAA Assessment.

IT General Consulting


Most of our IT Consulting is included in our services because we care about our customers. Experience with many out of the box topics such as Internet service options to to office startup solutions. 

Network & Cable TV Wiring


Setting up a new office ?  

See if we can help

  • Computer Network Wires
  • Phone Line Wires
  • Cable TV Wires

Security Camera System


Over the year this is becoming more and more Requested.  Adding cameras around the office and building in a closed and secure system is a common request.  We have  experience with small systems with only a few cameras to large system with over 66 cameras.